Introducing Margot

Sep 11, 2020

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Margot is an expertly designed, full-fledged Divi 4.0 Theme. She is purposely designed for feminine boss ladies who love to blog.

Announcing Margot, a new WordPress Theme for Feminine Boss Ladies

Built with bloggers in mind, Margo features a “can’t miss” row at the top of the homepage of your three most recent posts.

Best part?

She automatically updates this row as you publish. You don’t need to fiddle with it every time you have a new post. Margot does the work for you.

But, Margot doesn’t stop at just featuring post content. She also highlights your services on the homepage, and links to your Work With Me page.

Oh, and about that Work With Me page?

There’s a beautiful contact form stuck to the bottom of the page that Margot expands when the visitor clicks so the ability to get in touch with you about your services is super simple.

And just for fun, Margot has a scroll-based animation on the 404 page.

This cute champagne bottle will give your visitors something to smile about, even if they’re bummed they couldn’t find the article they were looking for.


Margot is styled with a modern, elegant, and feminine colour scheme. Seven colours in total are included in the Divi Colour Picker. For your convenience, the theme also includes a brand board, and user manual that includes styling guidelines.

Margot - Brand Board for Feminine WordPress Sites

Take a peek at the Theme Manual

Margot Includes

  • User manual
  • Brand board
  • Custom Header and Footer
  • Colour Scheme with HEX Codes
  • 30 Hero Image JPGs
  • 45 Social Media Icons
  • 14 Stock Images
  • 3 Brush Script Fonts
  • 9 Page Designs
    • Home
    • Blog
    • About
    • Work With Me
    • Contact
    • Landing
    • Search Results
    • Single Blog Post
    • 404

Go ahead, explore Margot in our demo site, and when you’re ready, you can purchase the theme here.


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