Polaroid Blog Section



I keep getting questions about how I create my blog post cards that look like Polaroid pictures. It’s actually frightfully easy. You can read the tutorial here.

If you want to just skip all that, you can download this section layout for just $1. All you have to do is upload the file to your Divi Library, and then you can add the section to any of your pages.

This file comes with two sections. One is with the modules nicely aligned, and the other is with the modules askew as if you threw a handful of Polaroid photos on a kitchen table.

Designerless - Divi Polaroid Blog Section

Designerless - Divi Polaroid Blog Section

How to Use:

After purchase, you’ll automatically see your file on the confirmation page. The file is named “Designerless – Polaroid Blog Cards.json”

Download the file from the confirmation page, and then upload into the Divi Library. Once the sections are in the Divi Library, you can add them to any of your pages when you add a new section. (Click here to learn more about the Divi Library.)

Not sure how to import into the Divi Library? Watch this tutorial.