Unlimited Page Kits for $37/mo

If you’re like most designers I know, you’re always busy.

You’re juggling 90 things at a time, and you’re dealing with clients who…

Have high expectations and low budgets

Want a beautiful site, but can’t afford custom work

Expect you to prioritise their last minute projects

But even with all of these problems, you love building websites. You love helping entrepreneurs turn their businesses around and make more money.

You can serve these clients, and — in fact — serve more clients by simply speeding up the client process.

When you get a monthly #DesignBoss subscription, you get a license to use all of the Designerless Page Kits to jumpstart your client projects.

When you use Designerless Page Kits for your client projects, you will be able to provide your clients with a unique, professionally designed website in a fraction of the time.

The #DesignBoss subscription is $37/mo, the cost of just one Page Kit, and comes with a license to use all of our Page Kits on your client sites with no credit to me. You’ll get a new professionally Page Kit every month, and can continue to download and use any of the Page Kits so long as that kit is still available.

I understand the importance of giving your clients unique designs, so each Page Kits is available only for limited use. Some Page Kits can be installed on up to 100 sites, while others designed for more niche industries can only be installed on 25 sites.

Jumpstart your client sites, save time, and increase your profits.

Hi, I'm Ysmay!

I have over 18 years of experience building websites.

I started building websites professionally 5 years before WordPress even existed.

Through all my years as a web designer, I’ve seen a lot, and learned a lot.

And now I am passionate about helping designers grow their businesses.

And one of the best ways to do that is to reduce the amount of time you spend on your client projects.

By using my Page Kits you can increase your profit margin by reducing the amount of time you spend designing each site.

#DesignBoss Monthly Subscription is for you if…

 You are a WordPress designer and work with Divi

 You want to be able to have more clients without increasing the amount of hours you work

 You value efficiency and productivity but also value quality

 You want to increase your profit margin on each project so you can grow your business

 You don’t want to turn clients away because you’re busy, but you don’t want to give them poor sites either

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Is this really only $37/mo?

Yes! #DesignBoss is a new offer for Designerless, and when you sign up as a founding member, you stay at $37/mo. This price may increase in 2018, but you’ll be grandfathered in at $37/mo for as long as you’re a member.

How much time can Page Kits save me?

Using Designerless Page Kits can speed up your client projects by quite a bit. Simply upload each of the page .json files to a blank page, and you’re ready to start editing. Page Kits save you hours of design time, while also providing your clients with a professionally designed site that isn’t like all the other Divi sites.

Do I have to use Divi?

Yes. Designerless Page Kits are designed for Divi by Elegant Themes, and will not work on any other framework.

What does it mean when you say a kit is only available for a limited number of sites?

I understand how important it is to be distinctive online. I also understand that most people are on a tight budget, and that it’s hard it is to design a good site for a client who only has a few hundred bucks.

To bridge this gap between design diversity and a low budget, Designerless Page Kits are retired as soon as they’re installed on 100 sites among all of my customers. Once a kit is retired, I may remix it and relaunch it, but it will not be exactly the same so I can maintain that design diversity.

What if I don't know how to build a website?

Then you need Designerless, my full DIY Divi Web Design course.

How is this different from your course?

#DesignBoss is a membership to allow you access to all of the Designerless Page Kits to use in your client projects.

Designerless is a comprehensive learning-and-doing Divi Design Training. Designerless is for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build and manage their own sites without hiring a designer. Designerless covers design theory, implementation, and the techy bits of WordPress design, and also comes with the Divi theme.

What's your refund policy?

Due to the instant access nature of your #DesignBoss membership, I do not offer a refund, but you may cancel at any time.

What happens if I cancel?

Any of your clients who already have a Designerless Page Kit installed can keep it. You just won’t be able to use them on new projects, or get new kits.